We thank God for your partnership!

Your donation to the ministry of YFC in Denver enables us to reach thousands of lost and broken young people on High School and Middle School campuses, in Juvenile Institutions, Teen Parent groups and neighborhoods, all over the Denver area, with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ!




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Give to our general budget or scroll down to support a specific ministry site or staff.

  • DAYFC General Mission Funds

  • Executive Director​ - Ken Allen

  • Chief Ministry Officer - Gareth Unruh

  • Heidi Brunsting - Communication and Volunteer Care Manager

  • Kimberly Sams - Finance Coordinator

  • Campus Life HS Ministries

  • Brighton Area High Schools Campus Life
    Kevin Lengerich, North Denver Campus Life Director and Site Director

  • Chaparral HS Campus Life
    Andi Woodring, Director of Campus Life Ministries and Site Director

  • Elizabeth HS Campus Life

  • Legend HS Campus Life
    Eric Jones, Site Director

  • Ponderosa HS Campus Life
    Eric Jones, Site Director

  • Riverdale Ridge HS Campus Life
    Zech Henderson, Site Director

  • Campus Life MS Ministries

  • Cimarron MS Campus Life
    Justin Conant, Site Director

  • Rocky Heights MS Campus Life
    Donny McCleery, Site Director

  • Sagewood MS Campus Life
    Justin Conant, Site Director

  • Sierra MS Campus Life
    Maddie LeDoux, Site Director

  • Juvenile Justice Ministries

  • Director of Juvenile Justice Ministries
    Preston Adams

  • Jefferson Hills JJM
    Natalie Baddour, Chaplain

  • Gilliam, Marvin Foote & Gilliam JJM
    Tim Butler, Chaplain

  • Betty Marler, Mountview, & Cleo Wallace JJM
    Claire Froehlich, Chaplain

  • Lookout Mountain JJM
    Chris Rose, Chaplain

  • Adams County JJM
    Cindy Nick, Chaplain

  • Parent Life Ministry

  • Jill Meyer - Director of Parent Life Ministry

  • Kristen Sarfraz - Associate Parent Life Director